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Below are the "transimages" of my dad & Michael.

If you have not yet seen the Rinaldi film about how the images are captured - you can purchase & watch it HERE ($10 donation)


In the USA the Rinaldi Film is now on Amazon Prime and can be watch HERE  or simply search for "Sonia Rinaldi"

Sonia Rinaldi's E-Magazine

See the trans-images of the brother our community member Amy in the work of Sonia Rinaldi. Amy was a raffle winner in a Zoom Event by Sonia in December 2022. If you wish to support Sonia's work and see more of her past research visit https://www.patreon.com/sonia_rinaldi

See Sonia Rinaldi's e-Magazine

Michael passed tragically on August 6, 2022. I had sent afterlife research Sonia Rinaldi this one picture to experiment if Michael would like to come through on one of her transimages.

This experiment including filming vapor above and around his photograph and replaying the video frame by frame. (There are 32 images within every second of video) This is very time consuming work!


There are many more pictures of Michael that Sonia sent me. These are the best ones. Some he looks older, some younger. To me, the 2nd picture mouth looks closed while the 1st picture you can see teeth. 3rd picture looks almost 3 dimensional. 4th picture he looks younger with more color.

Below are some other people who showed up in the images. One looks to me like Michael's father. Just below it is a slow motion video of the face transforming. Sonia pauses it every so often.


Below is my Dad

My dad passed at the age of 74 from cancer. He shows himself in the transimage looking similar to a picture we have of him in his 20's in the US Air Force. You can play the video below it to see how the image formed from the static. Sonia did NOT have a picture of my father for this experiment. (This is the 'Milligan Experiment' that you'll learn about in the Rinaldi film)


Watch the Trailer below to the Rinaldi film


If you have not yet seen the Rinaldi film about how the images are captured - you can watch it HERE ($10 donation greatly appreciated)

Sonia Rinaldi has been working so hard in her laboratory in Brazil for over 30 years to prove the continuity of life beyond death. She has never asked for money for her research and we felt she deserved some income for new equipment, living expenses etc. We created a Patreon site for anyone who wishes to donate $5 a month. In return, patrons receive all of her past research on her e-magazines and occasionally when she needs volunteers for experiments, she will ask her supporters. VISIT THE PATREON SITE HERE.

In June, I caught up with Sonia for a presentation of her latest work since the film came out. You may enjoy watching it HERE and please look in the video description for some great things.

Thank you for listening the show and for checking out this page! -Sandra