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"In March 2020, friends Sandra, Darren, Scott, Kerry & Phil began the Sunday Gathering as a way to bring people together, and empower and support all in uncertain times. Now rapidly approaching our 5th year, we continue to bring inspiration, joy, and the reality of the afterlife to our ever-growing community. Our core team is Sandra, Kerry, Phil and Darren and each week take turns creating the theme, picking the music and the order of service. We may often have special guests, including wonderful members of our community, and guest mediums who wish to volunteer their time to inspire and uplift. THANK YOU being part of our community!" -Sandra & friends

Sunday Gathering Always Begin at 2 PM New York Time

11 AM Pacific / 12 PM Mountain / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern / 7 PM United Kingdom / 8 PM Central Europe / 4AM (Monday) Sydney, 6 AM (Monday) Auckland

Please check your local time before tuning into the Sunday Gathering which always begins 2 PM New York Time: CLICK HERE FOR TIME ZONE CONVERTER


Register Now Below to Join our Sunday Gatherings on Zoom Webinar

Our next Sunday Gatherings - registration links below:

Register for June 23rd Sunday Gathering: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_DIl_Z7ukSKiKLIITP8oMpg

Register for June 30th Sunday Gathering: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_UyIs0PbsSuCc1ZdlzNezAA

Watch VIDEO REPLAYS of Past Weeks' Gatherings (with wonderful words of inspiration, healing, music and a medium demonstration)....


June 16th "Father's Day"#221 https://vimeo.com/959787943
June 9th Sunday Gathering #220 'Coming Home / We're All Connected": https://vimeo.com/955649411
June 2nd Sunday Gathering #219 "The Season of Change": https://vimeo.com/952922843
May 26th Sunday Gathering #218 "Love & Devotion": https://vimeo.com/950568846
May 19th Sunday Gathering #217 The Power of Community: https://vimeo.com/948100919
May 12th Sunday Gathering "Mother's Day" #216: https://vimeo.com/945631396
May 5th Sunday Gathering #215 "Caregiving & Gratitude": https://vimeo.com/943050577
April 28th Sunday Gathering #214 "The Bigger Picture" https://vimeo.com/940509113
April 21st Sunday Gathering #213 "Purpose & Passion" https://vimeo.com/937457327
April 14th Sunday Gathering #212 "Compassion": https://vimeo.com/934591675
April 7th Sunday Gathering #211 "Welcome Home": https://vimeo.com/931831349/b8177a1f26
March 31 Easter Sunday Gathering #210 - https://vimeo.com/929346514
March 24th Sunday Gathering #209 - 4th Birthday Celebration: https://vimeo.com/926906544
March 17th Sunday Gathering #208 "St Patrick's Day": https://vimeo.com/924406612
March 10th Sunday Gathering #207 "Love the One Your With" https://vimeo.com/921873007
March 3rd Sunday Gathering #206 "Life Under Construction": https://vimeo.com/918943702
February 25th Sunday Gathering #205 "Inner Compass": https://vimeo.com/916691365
February 18th Sunday Gathering #204 "Time": https://vimeo.com/914417522
February 11th Sunday Gathering "Past, Present & Future" #203: https://vimeo.com/912212083
February 4th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/909833398
January 28th Sunday Gathering #201 "Loyalty": https://vimeo.com/907263976
January 21st Sunday Gathering #200 Celebration: https://vimeo.com/904994442
January 14th Sunday Gathering #199 "Everyday Miracles": https://vimeo.com/902776487
January 7th Sunday Gathering #198 "New Beginnings": https://vimeo.com/900643279



December 31st New Year's Sunday Gathering #197: https://vimeo.com/898947669
December 24th Merry Christmas Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/897732233
December 10th Sunday Gathering #195 "Through the Eyes of a Child": https://vimeo.com/893708777
December 17th Sunday Gathering "Spontaneity": https://vimeo.com/895678491
December 3rd Sunday Gathering #193 "Choose Joy": https://vimeo.com/890886778


November 26th Sunday Gathering #192: https://vimeo.com/889286658

November 19th Sunday Gathering #191 Giving Thanks: https://vimeo.com/886448805?

November 12th Remembrance Sunday Gathering #190; https://vimeo.com/883802824

November 5th Sunday Gathering #189 Precious Moments: https://vimeo.com/881489352


October 29th Sunday Gathering #188 Peace & Hope: https://vimeo.com/879200800

October 22nd Sunday Gathering #187 Inner Child Play: https://vimeo.com/876917270

October 15th Sunday Gathering #186 "Autumn": https://vimeo.com/874607160

October 8th Sunday Gathering "The Present Moment": https://vimeo.com/872398392

October 1st Sunday Gathering #184 "Resilience": https://vimeo.com/870097026


September 24th Sunday Gathering #183 "The Message of God" https://vimeo.com/867722274

September 17th Sunday Gathering #182 "Journey to Change": https://vimeo.com/865364203

September 10th Sunday Gathering #181 'Celebrating Movies': https://vimeo.com/862950932

September 3rd Sunday Gathering "Hope, Faith, Belief": https://vimeo.com/860720970


August 27th Sunday Gathering #179 "Positivity": https://vimeo.com/858443528

August 20th Sunday Gathering #178 "Rise Above": https://vimeo.com/856239736

August 13th Sunday Gathering #177: https://vimeo.com/854208268/836006debf

August 6th Sunday Gathering #176 "You've Got a Friend": https://vimeo.com/852155203

July 30th Sunday Gathering #175 "The Power of Your Word": https://vimeo.com/8499633
July 23rd Sunday Gathering  #174 "Music of our Lives" : https://vimeo.com/847796508
July 16th Sunday Gathering #173 "Trust": https://vimeo.com/845746911
July 9th Sunday Gathering #172 "Uniqueness: https://vimeo.com/843710124
July 2nd Sunday Gathering #171 "Power & Freedom": https://vimeo.com/841690853


June 25th Sunday Gathering #170 "Home": https://vimeo.com/839516321

June 18th Sunday Gathering #169 "Be Brave": https://vimeo.com/837380726

June 11th Sunday Gathering #168 "Celebrations": https://vimeo.com/835236195

June 4th Sunday Gathering #167 "Say Cheese!": https://vimeo.com/833112136


May 28th Sunday Gathering #166 "Looking Inside": https://vimeo.com/831033952

May 21st Sunday Gathering #165 "Today's World": https://vimeo.com/828825974

May 14th Sunday Gathering #164 "A Mother's Spirit": https://vimeo.com/826700472

May 7th Sunday Gathering #163 "New Beginnings": https://youtu.be/R9tQ0xiA01c


April 30th Sunday Gathering #162 "Growth": https://vimeo.com/822536695?

April 23rd Sunday Gathering #161 "Legends": https://vimeo.com/820492335

April 16th Sunday Gathering "Spirituality": https://vimeo.com/818166599

April 9th Easter Sunday Gathering "Faith": https://vimeo.com/816058886

April 2nd Sunday Gathering #158 "Aspirations": https://vimeo.com/814048671


March 26th #157 "Footprints": https://vimeo.com/811828716

March 19th"Our 3rd Birthday Party" #156: https://vimeo.com/809564057

March 12th Sunday Gathering #155 "Music Moves the Soul": https://vimeo.com/807326671

March 5th Sunday Gathering #154 "Change": https://vimeo.com/804952094


February 26th Sunday Gathering #153 "Community": https://vimeo.com/802493217

February 19th #152 "Individuality" https://vimeo.com/800350121

February 12th #151 "HOME" with guest Brian Smith https://vimeo.com/798196002

February 5th Sunday Gathering #150: https://youtu.be/Off88kS3rJk


Jan 29th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/793961777

Jan 22nd Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/791696587

January 15th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/789522645

January 8th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/787386185

January 1st Sunday Gathering #`145: https://vimeo.com/785598814



December 25th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/784266073

December 18th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/782357938

December 11th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/780732379

December 4th Sunday Gathering: https://youtu.be/XnYgwirKgrs


November 27th Sunday Gathering #140: https://vimeo.com/775584918

November 20th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/773319016

November 13th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/770714466

November 6th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/767918735

October 30th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/765499165


October 23rd Sunday Gathering #135: https://vimeo.com/763177777

October 16th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/760838768

October 9th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/758519128

October 2nd Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/756216265


September 25th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/753667384

September 18th Sunday Gathering #130: https://vimeo.com/748566624

September 11th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/748566624

September 4th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/746354540


August 28th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/743998519

August 21st Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/741867319

August 14th Sunday Gathering #125: https://vimeo.com/739464662

August 7th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/737399064


July 31st Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/735243980/f3347faa76

July 24th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/733028141/4fea098bac

July 17th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/730828521/88995e3855

July 10th Sunday Gathering #120: https://vimeo.com/728627436/f4d4d0ac49

July 3rd Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/726527102/b1581801b6


June 26th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/724436178/b0deb8550d

June 19th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/724013500/833313cdbc

June 12th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/724011769/3525fb798d

June 5th Sunday Gathering #115: https://vimeo.com/724010116/7388974949 


May 29th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/723105343/72f9599263

May 22nd Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/723073411/d2d8214158

May 15th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/723066689/0847a054ba

May 8th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/723034815/315fa0852d

May 1st Sunday Gathering #110: https://vimeo.com/723024916/04716e7a74


April 24th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722990653/dbfd3e8333

April 17th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722982296/df151a32ab

April 10th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722977655/5fe57a295f

April 3rd Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722959494/41eb375e81


March 27th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722949334/73d715844b

March 20th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722925205/8dfb44f94d

March 13th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722913915/0002a84cb7

March 6th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722913915/0002a84cb7


February 27th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722820029/1a785933d9

February 20th Sunday Gathering #100: https://vimeo.com/722813536/bb6e413fa8

February 13th Sunday Gathering #99: https://vimeo.com/722804381/59dfad27f1

February 6th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722797732/00e166d433


January 30th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722793489/c14c211343

January 23rd Sunday Gathering:  https://vimeo.com/722788744/c4c5ba67df

January 16th Sunday Gathering #95: https://vimeo.com/666558069/7673df2f5a

January 9th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722763040/e29436ca14

January 2nd Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/722757819/21c12a4dbe 


2021 REPLAYS (not all are available yet)

December 26th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729566209/58e73a7080

December 19th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729611737/5592c2a6ed

December 12th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729629510/6f6cc22f7b

December 5th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729650592/a3e0db5962


November 28th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729659240/fdb32d00e4

November 21st Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729669572/8008c832b4

November 14th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729680186/da4c4578bf

November 7th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729694821/c8ca680afd


October 31st Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729696975/477cae67af

October 24th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729554695/e76b0dffca

October 17th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729699398/b71d1350fe

October 10th Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729701751/5476144c93

October 3rd Sunday Gathering: https://vimeo.com/729748294/60c79ca982


September 26th Sunday Gathering: 

September 19th Sunday Gathering:

September 12th Sunday Gathering:

September 5th Sunday Gathering:


August 29th Sunday Gathering #75:

August 22nd Sunday Gathering:

August 15th Sunday Gathering:

August 8th Sunday Gathering:

August 1st Sunday Gathering:


July 25th Sunday Gathering:  

July 18th Sunday Gathering: 

July 11th Sunday Gathering: 

July 4th Sunday Gathering: 


June 27th Sunday Gathering:

June 20th Sunday Gathering:  

June 13th Sunday Gathering: 

June 6th Sunday Gathering: 


May 30th Sunday Gathering:  

May 23rd Sunday Gathering:   

May 16th Sunday Gathering:  

May 9th "Mother's Day" Sunday Gathering:  https://vimeo.com/734169730/67e9639aae
May 2nd Sunday Gathering: 

2020 REPLAYS (coming soon)

December 6: https://vimeo.com/776302294

September 6th (with Mavis Pittilla) https://vimeo.com/724213481/a4f0c843dc






Sandra Champlain is the author of the #1 international bestseller, We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death and host of We Don't Die Radio Show. Sandra has over 25 years of investigating the evidence of the afterlife with over 550 hours of interviews and afterlife podcast episodes. She is the creator of How to Survive Grief and featured in the documentary film, We Don't Die. Visit wedontdieradio.com

Kerry McLeod is a well-respected international Spiritual Medium from Scotland who regularly makes appearances throughout the US, UK, Europe and provides mentorship and private readings in homes around the world via Zoom Online Meetings. Kerry creates a professional and safe environment for students to unfold their Mediumistic abilities while meeting the needs of the modern student of today.  visit https://kerrymcleodspiritmedium.com/

Philip Dykes is a well-respected internationally known medium who demonstrates and tutors in Spiritual Centers throughout the US, UK, Europe and provides mentorship and private readings in homes around the world via Zoom Online Meetings. Philip’s attention is on blending in the essence of the spirit communicator, telling the story of life through evidential and accurate information.  Philip runs  “The Spirit and Soul Foundation” in the UK with Scottish medium Kerry McLeod. visit  http://philipdykes.co.uk/

Darren Wynne is the Austin Wish Circle Leader with physical medium, Scott Milligan.  With over 25 year history in the retail trade, he never guessed he would be interested in working in the realm of the afterlife sitting in dark Physical Medium circles. Hear is captivating interview on We Don't Die Radio HERE.

See you on Sunday!!!