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Amazing mediums & well-respected tutors, Phil Dykes and Kerry McLeod host a variety of weekly classes and courses to help you develop your spiritual abilities with the stamp of approval of Sandra Champlain of We Don’t Die.

Phil and Kerry are the Mental Mediumship Tutors of choice of Sandra Champlain, due to their high standards of Mediumship, their excellence and unique approach to teaching this, along with their ethical, respectful approach to the Spirit World.  Sandra said, “Their integrity to the Spirit World is second to none”.

These courses form part of a progressive, unique training program that is integral to the My Mediumship Academy. The Journey of the developing Medium is important, and all classes provide a safe environment, practice area and code of conduct.

Join our community to start or further develop your Mediumship as we follow the 28 Competencies of Mediumship, designed by Phil and Kerry.

Through this structured approach, Phil and Kerry have moved people’s abilities and then created opportunities for them to Demonstrate at the Global Sunday Gathering, Facilitate Circles and Groups, and ultimately to them teaching on My Mediumship and at We Don’t Die events.

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The Altered States Medium

The Accomplished Medium

Empowering Self Through Change

Explore Your Psychic, Medium, Spiritual and Soul's Abilities with Our Extraordinary Tutors: Kerry McLeod & Philip Dykes

Join our weekly online classes or train live with our wonderful tutor team!