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Deepening the Evidence - 5 hour online workshop September 3, 2022 with Kerry & Phil

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For ALL levels of Psychic & Medium Students
Have you ever felt like you got some evidence, but you know there was more? Or, maybe you had a sense that the evidence wasn’t exactly as it needed to be, or you are not sure why it was even presented to you?
It’s normal, and you're not alone.
This 5 hour workshop will help you see how to stay in the power, stay with the communicator and stay in the flow of information, or in "the story", as this makes the evidence more personal and therefore more meaningful, more accurate and more specific.
Over the years working with thousands of students, we have found that the evidence that you present is only a fraction of what is actually there, often students just don't know what to look for or how to use it.
Because of this, we have designed a way in which you can learn how to bypass your personal barriers and expand your evidence. We will teach you how to take a deep dive into the evidence, covering clairvoyance and take your mediumship to the next level.
Spend 5 hours with us and learn how to:
Deepen your evidence, look behind what you receive.
Present your evidence in a stronger way.
Be objective with your evidence and then open it up into the clairsentience.
Have you had psychic experiences and are looking to understand them better?
Are you curious if you could deliver a psychic reading?
In this interactive 5-hour course we will cover all the above and more.  We will outline what the ability is, walk you through the process and then give plenty of opportunities to practice working in this way.  
We will allow you to feel your very own connection to that Power within you that links you to that creative force of life.  It is this power that helps you understand others in order to provide psychic readings, or soul to soul readings.
The psychic is where we encourage everyone to start to develop before embarking into their mediumistic training, as it is the foundation of all spiritual abilities.  
So, this day is for people wishing to explore for the first time, start on the journey into our mediumship classes, or revisit the psychic alike.
You will be working one on one with other people, so you must be willing to stay for the 5 hours and take part in the exercises and practices.

(this workshop will be recorded & you will receive the video replay) 
“A Medium and Psychic, is not just a conduit between two worlds or souls, but an inspirer of change within people and the world” ~ Phil Dykes & Kerry McLeod

Date: Saturday, September 3, 2022

5 AM Honolulu
6 AM Anchorage
7 AM Pacific
8 AM Mountain
9 AM Central
10 AM Eastern
4 PM Central Europe
12 AM (Sun) Sydney
2 AM (Sun) Auckland

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