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Connecting with Your Soul & the Unseen World - 8 session video course - over 14 hours

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You are a Divine Soul having a human experience.  You are more powerful than you can imagine and are surrounded by an Unseen World filled with loved ones, guidance and support. Join us for this special at home online course and discover some of the amazing abilities of your soul. For the beginner and the experienced alike!


Video #1 - The Soul and the Unseen World - Join the tutors in a discussion about who we really are as souls, what we are capable of and the amazing world of the afterlife (106 minutes)

Video #2 - Sitting in the Power - Discover how to strengthen your own soul power, giving you stronger psychic, and mediumistic abilities and so much more. Be guided in three different sitting in the power techniques with Scott, Phil and Kerry (104 minutes)

Video #3 - The Pioneers of Mediumship with Scott Milligan - Journey into the past with a video slideshow and stories of some fascinating people who laid the groundwork for mediumship and Spiritualism today (118 minutes)

Video #4 - Your Psychic Faculty with Kerry McLeod and Philip Dykes - learn the difference between psychic and medium and how to discover how to work your psychic muscle (99 minutes)

Video #5 - Tools of the Trade - Discover old mystical ways of tapping into our abilites and the afterlife such as oracle cards, scrying, pendulums, ouija boards, table tilting, remote viewing, automatic writing and psychometry  (111 minutes)

Video #6 - The Trance States with Scott Miligan - discover the trance states, do a special sitting in the power exercise and witness Scott blending with his own spirit team for a special trance demonstration for our course members (98 minutes)

Video #7 Evidential (Mental) Mediumship - with Kerry and Phil - Discover what the mediumship faculty is and how it is used to connect to the souls of those now living in the unseen world  (111 minutes)

Video #8 - You, the Spiritual Explorer - Your journey of discovery never ends and you get to plot your own course. Learn some new tools and we celebrate your success! (90 minutes)

Extras - A few gifts from us to you to help you on your journey!

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