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Stewart Alexander's Physical Séance Room Recollections (Two Volume Audio Set)

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Words from Physical Medium & Author Stewart Alexander:

In the 1990s I was, for some years, the Archives officer and, for a while, the President of the now defunct Noah’s Ark Society for Physical Mediumship.

Prior to that, over a period of several years, I had been most fortunate to meet, on a number of occasions, elderly Spiritualists who some years earlier had sat with legendary Physical Mediums who by then we could only read about. When relating to me their experiences it was almost as if they were telling of séances which they had attended the previous night as against 10/20/30/40 and in one case, 50 years earlier. Such had been the impression made upon them by what they had witnessed that those séances had been indelibly stamped into their memories.

It struck me that I was as close to living history as it was possible to be. I determined to urge such people to come forward – to make contact with me and arrange to leave on record audio recordings of those wonderful inspiring sittings that, in past years, they had been privileged to attend. These are jut a few of those recordings.

Audio Recordings from the Stewart Alexander Archives
Wonderful Memories of Physical Phenomena as told by Senior Spiritualists.

On these Two Volumes will be found a series of first-hand fascinating physical séance room accounts by senior Spiritualists, who in years gone by, were privileged to sit with mediums who today we can only read about.

All the speakers witnessed and personally experienced the manifestations they describe and took the time and trouble to record them in audio form for the interest, education and benefit of contemporary and future Spiritualists and all other interested parties.

That they did so, prior to their own transition, has left us with a marvellous legacy and we owe an incalculable debt to them all.

Often exceeding the ‘boggle factor’, their amazing séance room recollections bring back to life the wonders of the past, and thereby keep alive that which must never be forgotten.

Volume One (77 minutes total)
1. Preface and Introduction by Stewart Alexander.
2-4. Mr Douglas Lawrence on physical mediumshlp.
5. Trance recording – medium Mrs Gladys Osborne Leonard. (reproduced courtesy of the Society for Psychical Research)
6-8. Mr Eugene Woods (USA) recounts his experiences with medium Chris.
9-10. Mrs Kathleen Allen – on mediums Ronald Strong & Helen Duncan.
11-12. Mrs Joan Honor- on mediums Helen Duncan & William Olsen.

Volume Two (76 minutes)
1. Mrs Elsie Richards – on medium Frank Havard.
2. Original N.A.S. summing up plus contemporary comments.
3. Introduction to additional tracks post 1995 plus Mr William Cookson on medium Helen Duncan.
4. Rev. Merrill (USA) – on medium Millicent Benedict.
5–8. Mrs Ivy Northage – experiences of physical phenomena. (reproduced courtesy of the College of Psychic Science)
9. Mrs L. T. Gordon – on mediums Helen Duncan & Alec Harris.

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Stewart Alexander is England's most well-known present day physical medium, with over 50 years of experience. A very private man, he has devoted his life to the work of helping those who have been bereaved by helping them make physical contact with those loved ones who have passed over.  He is the author of An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium .

Visit his Stewart Alexander's website at https://stewartalexandermedium.com/

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